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PPT Curriculum - Toddler Pack, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-TP-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $799.95 - $799.95

Parenting toddlers can be tiring...and exciting! Our new and refreshed Toddler Pack presents those simple yet vital concepts to your clients to help them discover the best way to parent their toddlers. Topics include Tantrums, Sleeping, Milestones, Siblings, and more. This pack includes 15 ...

Life Skills Pack, 3 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-LS-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $999.95 - $999.95

Reaching a wide variety of clients is extremely important for every program. Positive Parenting Tactics uses vocabulary and sentence structure consistent with an 8th grade level of writing. We don’t over-complicate; we design and simplify every lesson to a level of understandability with your ...

Life Skills Pack, 3 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601PPT-LS-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $999.95 - $999.95

Clients experience the need for basic life-skills regardless of location. The simple truths that our parents taught us are not always passed down to the next generation. These 3 modules work to provide the important yet basic skills through 15 lessons. These cover subjects from thriving in a ...

Bible Study Pack, 3 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-BP-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $199.95 - $199.95

Most Bible studies on the market assume a basic knowledge of the Bible that clients never learned. The Bible Study pack is written to give a beginning overview of the Bible with such topics as, “What is the Bible?” “Where did the Bible come from?” “What is the Old Testament?” and “Who are the ...

PPT Main , 12 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-EC-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $2,999.00 - $2,999.00

Pregnancy can be scary for new parents. This set of 60 amazing lessons will help young mothers know what to expect at each step of their pregnancies, including their doctor visits, labor and delivery, and developmental milestones. But, these lessons go far beyond that. This powerful curriculum ...

Parenting Pack, 8 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-PP-RM

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $799.95 - $799.95

These 8 modules cover the essentials of parenting from discipline techniques to the importance of parenting with love from a religious viewpoint. Parenting is truly an issue of the heart. Tactics are important, but the overall strategy is what will help children grow up to be healthy adults. ...

Parenting Pack, 3 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-PP-M1

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $259.95 - $259.95

Parenting can be difficult, but these two modules give parents a simple and incredibly useful tool to make it easier. These practical tools are presented in fun and entertaining way in 1-2-3 Magic and More 1-2-3 Magic. Your parents attending these classes will come out encouraged and ready to try ...

Practical Fatherhood Set 2 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-PF-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $599.95 - $599.95

Each lesson in the Practical Fatherhood Pack is written in simple language and starts with an illustrative story. This is followed by an easy-to-understand lesson that is just a few pages long and designed to keep the client’s attention. The topics covered range from discipline, to ...

Authentic Manhood Pack, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-AM-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $249.95 - $249.95

There are so many voices out there that are telling you what it means to be a man. This set of ten lessons will help your male clients find God’s truth for both who they are and how they can be intentional about their parenting. Using 10 lessons from the 33-series, your clients can discover God’s design ...

Complete PPT Curriculum, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7600EWYL-COM-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $6,999.95 - $6,999.95

If you are looking to make a huge impact, the 40 modules in the complete set are able to make that happen. This set includes all of the modules and lessons in the Positive Parenting Tactics Set in addition to the sets based on Christian ideals. This includes 13 additional modules for Parenting (40 ...

Positive Partnership, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-RS-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $399.95 - $399.95

Marriage is on the decline and many couples are making choices for both themselves and their families that have long-lasting consequences. Positive Partnerships helps address these problems by giving both partners the information they need to make the best decisions. Positive partnerships ...

Positive Parenting Tactics Set, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7600EWYL-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $5,499.95 - $5,499.95

If you are looking to get your program going with all the resources you need, now is your chance. Just purchase the full set and you will have over 130 powerful lessons at your fingertips ready any time there is a need. Each module comes in an easily identifiable binder for easy access. And, this set ...



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