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Group Fetal Models, Touch of Life, Main Set
Item Touch of Life - BROWN,Spanish Box
Item Number 7553TL-S
Material Rubber
Material Color Brown
Process Hand Made
Size 13W x 6H x 13T
Weight 112 Oz.
Includes 12(14LMP), 16(18 Lmp), 22 (24 LMP), and 26 (28 LMP)
Description: NEW! SPANISH BOX. No photo can show you the reaction of people when they hold these models. Touch of Life is very detailed, more accurate and feels more natural than before. The baby's weight and the feeling of the skin is so real that people want to cuddle and protect them. One of the most effective places to use the Touch of Life models is at your local county fair, or any local gathering. Kids and adults alike immediately recognize the humanity of the unborn child by handling the models. They really draw people to your booth. Make a real impact at your next event by having these models. Includes display/storage box with the "Milestones of Early Life" printed on the cover. Sculpted by Dennis Lynn.
"I'm an abstinence education teacher. I have a set of the Life Touch babies and the students absolutely love them, guys and girls alike. When I pull the babies out, they are shocked. One could easily tell that the students have never seen them before. It's an experience to behold. They then begin to ask questions about abortion. Many of them do not understand how someone could abort once they have seen the fetal models. I think the student's experience with the models will have a lasting impact on their thinking." -Junelle, Abstinence Education Teacher


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